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1/2 This is rare

Friday, 2 February 2024 Ensemble Theatre
Ensemble Theatre

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1/2 This is rare: a play that has a beating heart as big as a hug from your mum, and yet is not even slightly mawkish. Even rarer, it has that heart, and yet is about the skull-splintering game of rugby union. Rarer still, it's the most physical play I've seen. The Sydney Morning Herald

a play with so much heart and that communicates so much joy.
Jasper Bruce - AAP Sports Reporter

This play is not just for rugby enthusiasts; it's a human story interwoven with humour, emotion and a deep sense of community.

Alone it Stands is a real crowd-pleaser, and the most enjoyable show I've seen at Ensemble in years.
Scribbles of Stage & Screen

The immensely likeable ensemble of six brings great charm and humour, to the 62 roles they ardently perform, on a stage relentless with its delightful effervescence.
Suzy Goes See

Playing until 2 Mar, don't miss out on tickets.
Book now - bit.ly/alone-it-stands

Prudence Upton.

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