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Synergy Percussion

Wednesday, 1 May 2024 Limelight

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Expressive, curious, percussive and joyful.

Synergy Percussion's concert Assembly takes us on a virtuosic journey of sound and theatrics.
Performed on found and everyday objects and with bespoke and traditional percussion instruments, Assembly will push the limits of one's understanding of percussion.

Curated by Synergy's dynamic new Artistic Director, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Assembly features a program of works by female composers that push the limits of contemporary percussion, including Australian premieres from Elizabeth Jigalin and Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh.

At the heart of the performance stands the 1977 work Alanbiq by acclaimed Australian composer Moya Henderson.
Last performed in 1985, this remarkable piece will give audiences a chance to hear Henderson's unique hand-crafted instrument, the Alemba. Invented by Henderson herself, the Alemba is a triumphant combination of music, design and science, and is rightfully part of the Powerhouse Museum's permanent collection.

Thursday 18 May, 6pm at the ACO Neilson.
Book Now: #Ad.

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