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Thursday, 16 May 2024 Avoca Beach Theatre

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Neneh Superstar isn't just a cinematic triumph; it's a work of art that pushes boundaries and dismantles preconceptions. Set within one of France's most

prestigious cultural institutions the Paris Opera Ballet School young ballet dancer Neneh discovers that her extraordinary natural talent and focused discipline may not be enough to flourish under the discriminatory headmistress.
Neneh is both socially disadvantaged and black, challenging the longstanding dominance of white dancers in classical ballet.

Oumy Bruni Garrel is a revelation as Neneh, portraying her with dignity and grace.
The film also stars Ma wenn (The Man in the Hat), as the formidable ex-star ballerina turned harsh headmistress. This glorious celebration of talent and perseverance serves as a timely reminder that prejudice remains a significant barrier for many. This charming feel-good film is a must-see!

Neneh Superstar screens from 23rd May as part of our French Film Festival www.avocabeachtheatre.com..french-film-festival-2024.

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