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Don't Overwhelm Your Followers

Wednesday, 26 April 2023
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Marketing your show is crucial to its success, but is there such a thing as doing too much? The answer is yes, according to industry experts. While it may be tempting to flood your audience with promotional material in the weeks leading up to the show, doing so can actually have a negative effect.

When bombarded with too much information, humans have a tendency to tune it out.
This is evident in our social media behavior - we quickly scan through our newsfeeds and only stop for posts that catch our attention. When someone repeatedly posts about the same topics, we eventually start ignoring them altogether.

The same principle applies to marketing a show.
The first contact with potential audience members should leave a quick impression without demanding any of their time. This can be achieved with a single image or sentence that plants a seed in their mind about the show.

As the show's marketing campaign progresses, you can start teasing more details about the production.
Share links to videos or blog posts that delve into specific aspects of the show, or invite people to a preview event where they can experience the music or other elements of the production.

Ultimately, sharing detailed promotional material will help boost ticket sales, but it's important to ease people into it.
Trying to force too much information on them all at once will only lead to them tuning out and potentially losing interest in the show altogether.

So, is it possible to do too much marketing for your show? Yes.
But by strategically planning your marketing campaign and gradually building interest over time, you can effectively promote your production without overwhelming your audience.

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