Jopuka Productions - Charlie Pilgrim - A Beginner's Guide To Time Travel
Thu, 16th to 19th February

Charlie Pilgrim - A Beginner's Guide To Time Travel

The Launch Pad, Tuggerah

Presented by Jopuka Productions
Return Season
What if a primary school aged kid messed with spacetime while trying to fix a moment in the past and got herself stuck in a time loop. And what if she gets all her friends to try and help her to get out of the time loop and these friends turn out to be just different versions of herself?

Ended on Thursday, 16 February 2023

by Sam O'Sullivan
Directed by Ethan Dale
Photo: Jamie Hornsby

Unfortunately, starting up the machine has accidentally created a closed time loop that adds a new Charlie every twenty-four hours. With the population rising and group dynamics coming into play, things go from Interstellar to Lord of the Flies pretty fast. To save her soul, and prevent the universe from collapsing under the weight of a mounting series of mind-bending paradoxes, Charlie is forced to do battle with herself.

Charlie Pilgrim is a play about being confronted with all the different parts that make you you, and how difficult that can be.
None of us are one dimensional, or only have a single personality trait that defines who we are. This is obviously a good thing - it makes us interesting!- but I'm sure many of us wish we could change or get rid of certain parts of ourselves. Parts that we're embarrassed about or ashamed by. CHARLIE PILGRIM puts all these parts into a single room and won't let them out until we can embrace and love every single tiny little piece of ourselves.

"Charlie Pilgrim - A Beginner's Guide to Time Travel" is a stage play adaptation of the science fiction novel written by Douglas Adams.
The stage play adaptation features different scenic and special effects to represent the different eras and times that Charlie travels to and from. With a mix of drama and comedy, the play takes audiences on a journey through time as Charlie struggles to find his place in the world and comes to terms with his own mind and the world around.


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by Sam O'Sullivan
Directed by Ethan Dale
Photo: Jamie Hornsby


Angel Peterson
Eva Hayward
Georgia Lau
Hannah Ruzicka
Jackson Masters
Lachlan Hollins
Lily Carpenter
Lucy Tazawa
Phoenix Robertson-Neil
Zoe Hoyward

The Launch Pad

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Jopuka Productions

Jopuka Productions

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