Gosford Musical Society - Popstars! The 90's musical
January '25

Popstars! The 90's musical

Laycock Street Community Theatre, North Gosford

Presented by Gosford Musical Society
It's boyband vs girlband in this hilarious brand new musical

January '25 in 6 months

Written by Nicholas Christo & Neil Gooding
Musical Arrangements by Isaac Hayward

It's set in a school in the 1990's where Mark is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Queen Bee, Shannon Van de Witt.

When Shannon learns that pop-band impresario Simon Austin is the surprise judge at the State Talent Show she dumps him for her chance at showbiz stardom.

Mark rapidly goes from High School hero to High School zero.
His garage band buddies rally around him and soon a plan for revenge is hatched to change their grunge band to a boy-band and snatch the Talent Show title from Shannon's Candy Girls.

There's just one small problem..
the boys can't dance. Mark enlists the help of the ultra talented, new girl, Ella to help with their boy band make over and sparks soon fly.

Can Mark get the girl, get the Grand Prize and get even with the scheming Shannon closing in? It's anyone's guess as the countdown to the Grand Finale begins.
It's sure to be one to remember.

In Person
2 hours

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Written by Nicholas Christo & Neil Gooding
Musical Arrangements by Isaac Hayward

Expressions of interest in directing this spectacular show are now being sought, if you are interesting in directing please email: [email protected]


Shannon - The Alpha Female of a small group of popular girls.
Generally, she is seen as a good girl role model to those around her. However, in her small group of friends, she can be quick to turn – and tends to be a dictator. F3 to F#5

Patrick - Shannon's twin brother.
He does not approve of Shannon's behaviour, and tries to point out to her the error of her ways. However, in many ways, he is also intimidated by her. E3 to B Flat4

Mark - The hero of the show.
He is a sensitive musician. G2 to A 4.

Vinnie - Vinnie is a jokester and exceptionally kind hearted.
B2 to G4

Steffi - One of Shannon's closest friends.
She is highly intelligent, but dumbs herself down to be socially accepted by those around her. She comes across as quite droll. (Low) E3

Shane - A mute, stoner, type.
He wears sunglasses, a beanie and mainly communicates through gesture. D3 to C4

Tina - One of Shannon's closest friends.
She is one step behind the eight ball and eager to please – particularly when Shannon is involved.(Low) F3

Simon Austin - High profile music producer / agent.
He has just come out of rehab and is basically being forced to attend as a guest judge for the Talent Show as part of his community service. A2 to B3.

The Principal - Totally in control of the school, but almost defers to the will of Shannon.

Charlie - A bookish, intelligent social outcast who has lungs of steel.
She is the least popular girl at school – but her vocal talent is undeniable. F3 to E5.

Terri - Shannon and Patrick's mother.
She is so numb from years of bickering between Shannon and Patrick that she no longer tries to stop it – she just searches for the quickest solution to bring it to an end.

Ella - Ella has an exceptionally strong sense of self.
She is not motivated by the pack, and is happy to pursue her dreams without worrying about social acceptance. She is an “emotional black belt” – and acts as the mentor to Mark on his journey through the show.

DJ Prince - Facilitates the Talent Show and is a stereotypical host.

Laycock Street Community Theatre

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January '25

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